When you send someone a link to a YouTube video, you may be sending them a LOT more than you think…
Links to competitors, competitive products, hate pages, etc.

Here is how to Improve a Hyperlink to a YouTube Video

Click title to see more detail

In the links below, you will notice it says ttps, not https
spelled correctly the software was flipping the link to a video…
if you are copying and pasting this, just type an H and then paste it.

Whether you want to send a youtube video link

  • Find your desired YouTube video and copy the link


Remove the Playlist option so that the YouTube video actually ends

  1. Replace this… watch?v=
  2. With this… v/

Remove the s from the https or you may get an error on playback

Adjust other settings. You can use any combination of these in any order

  1. Remove “Related Videos” at end &rel=0
  2. Start at a certain time &start=5 (for 5 seconds) or &start=117 for 1 minute and 57 seconds
  3. End at a certain time &end=10 (for 10 second mark) or &end=124 for 2 minutes 4 seconds
  4. To have video autoplay &autoplay=1
  5. To have video play fullscreen &fs=1


The above link goes to a specific YouTube video – not a list, it starts at the 1:57 mark and ends at the 2:04 mark, it won’t show related videos when done, it plays full screen and it autoplays

  • More options
    1. If you do NOT want to show the title onscreen or the share options – &showinfo=0
    2. If you don’t want to show the controls (playbar along bottom) – &controls=0