30% of the average person’s day is spent “doing Outlook”.

 A day and a half a week, and who gets the reward here?

 Do employees walk out the door with their heads held high because they spent the day “doing Outlook”?

Do managers give reward employees for the amount of time the spend in Outlook?

Are investors hoping that is how companies are spending their time?

 Of course not, but here we are, slaves to the machine.

 This class will help you turn that around and have a more rewarding, fulfilling, productive day.


  • How to reduce constant email interruptions: control your inbox
  • How to use Outlook’s calendar: never miss another appointment
  • How to use the task list: get more things done
  • How to work with others: utilize calendar and tasks
  • How to share your schedule: help your staff book meetings at preferred times
  • And LOTS more

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