I understand. I hate accounts too… but that is because they usually lead to spam messages and cold calls…
You will NOT be cold called, spammed, added to mailing lists (unless you choose to… our newsletter is awesome) and we do NOT require a credit card.
We do NOT do that.
(If you wish to pay by credit card, we use paypal, or you can pay with credit card on arrival)
All we need is
  1. Your Name (obviously)
  2. Your Email (So we can send you receipts and class reminders… and that is all… NO SPAM)
  3. Your Phone (In case of a power outage or it starts raining cows… that sort of thing.)
  4. A password
Can’t be bothered? Just connect with facebook (and don’t worry, we cannot access your facebook page as a result. It’s just to make things easier.